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Braces can improve not only your smile but also your self-esteem, dental health, and general well-being, making them a worthwhile and long-lasting financial investment. Smile Solutions Orthodontics is your partner in making the most out of braces Edison NJ treatment—your smile deserves to be seen, and we’re here to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

What Are Braces?

You’ve probably seen someone wearing braces or know a close friend or relative who has them, and that’s for a good reason. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) says that 50% of people have problems with their teeth that are bad enough to need orthodontic care.

With that said, braces are a tried-and-true orthodontic treatment that employs a precise combination of components to gradually and effectively reposition teeth and correct various orthodontic issues. They are popular for being potent and cost-effective.

Boy Braces Smiling


  • Brackets: Small, square-shaped attachments made from materials like metal or ceramic, which are affixed to the surface of each tooth.
  • Archwires: Thin, metal wires that connect the brackets and apply gentle pressure to guide tooth movement.
  • Bands: Metal rings fitted around molars, providing an anchor for the archwires.
  • Elastics or Rubber Bands: Used to create a specific force for targeted tooth adjustments.


  • Constant Pressure: Braces work by applying continuous, controlled pressure to teeth over time. This pressure initiates a biological response within the bones, causing them to reshape around the moving teeth.
  • Bone Resorption and Formation: As teeth move, bone resorption occurs on the side of pressure, making space for the tooth to move. Simultaneously, bone formation takes place on the opposite side, stabilizing the tooth’s new position.
  • Adjustments: Periodic adjustments by an orthodontist involve tightening or changing archwires, ensuring the teeth continue to shift into their desired positions.
Orthodontist working with little boy

Who Needs Braces?

  • Individuals with an overbite, a case where the upper front teeth significantly overlap the lower front teeth.
  • Some with an underbite, where the lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper front teeth when biting.
  • Those who want to get rid of crowded teeth.
  • Individuals with spacing issues are characterized by gaps or spaces between teeth that are larger than desired.
  • People experience crossbite, which involves misalignment of upper and lower teeth when the jaws are closed.
  • Those with an open bite, where there are gaps between upper and lower teeth when the jaws are closed, affect proper biting.
  • Individuals dealing with jaw misalignments, cause discomfort and functional difficulties due to problems with the alignment of the upper and lower jaws.
  • People face chewing and speech difficulties due to orthodontic issues that impact their ability to chew food properly or articulate words.
  • Anyone unhappy with the appearance of their smile, as braces, can help achieve a straighter, more attractive look.

Types of Orthodontic Braces

At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we want every patient to know that they have a choice in their orthodontic treatment. While braces have been here for a while, advancements have been made to improve their comfort, treatment duration, and effectiveness.

Our comprehensive range of braces options in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ, is changing the way people feel about affordable braces. Discover the best one for your unique smile!

SureSmile Technology

SureSmile Braces

Reinventing Orthodontic Treatment

Unlike conventional treatment, which relies on plaster models and x-rays, the SureSmile treatment starts by providing the orthodontist with a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth, which allows our orthodontists to plan individual tooth movements throughout your entire “braces experience.”

SureSmile technology customizes individual braces and archwires to match your treatment plan.

It enables orthodontists to create more accurate treatment plans designed to move your teeth to their correct position more efficiently than ever, thus improving the quality of your treatment results and cutting your total time in braces by up to 29%.


  • SureSmile has been shown to reduce treatment time by an average of 29%, based on a March 2012 comparison of 7,042 patients treated with SureSmile versus 200 conventionally treated patients.
  • The average treatment time with SureSmile is 30% (or more) faster than conventional braces. (*Based on a comparison between 1,849 patients treated conventionally and 4,376 patients treated with SureSmile.)

Through the use of SureSmile technology, our orthodontists can offer you a “braces experience” that entails:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer office visits
  • Less overall discomfort
  • High-quality results

Damon® Braces

Faster, Gentler, More Precise

Damon braces use a slide mechanism to hold the archwire, reducing the amount of pressure exerted on your teeth. This allows your teeth to move more freely, quickly, and comfortably. Available in metal or clear, these innovative new braces make achieving your perfect smile faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Portrait of smiling child with braces in orthodontist's office


  • Damon® braces utilize a slide mechanism to secure the archwire, minimizing pressure on your teeth and promoting greater freedom of movement.
  • They are designed to expedite the orthodontic process, potentially reducing the overall duration of treatment compared to traditional braces.
  • Their precise design contributes to the reduction of time-consuming and complicated orthodontic procedures often associated with conventional braces.
  • Damon braces feature self-ligating brackets that are smaller in size, enhancing comfort. The ease of archwire adjustment results in the application of force in a gentler manner.
  • Unlike traditional braces, Damon braces eliminate the need for unsightly or bulky rubber bands, offering an improved aesthetic appearance throughout your treatment journey.
woman in braces during examination of teeth

Metal Braces

Time-Tested Flexibility and Reliability

Today’s metal braces are smaller, sleeker, and more polished than ever before. With this option, you can choose the color of your bands, and you can also change those colors at every appointment if you wish. Traditional metal braces at Smile Solutions Orthodontics are:


Proven and Reliable
While they may seem antiquated compared to more advanced treatments, traditional braces have made leaps and bounds technologically. Today’s braces aren’t the same as they were 25 or even 10 years ago. Ultimately, traditional braces are still a proven and reliable method for straightening your teeth and improving your orthodontic health!

One cosmetic benefit loved by most of our traditional braces patients is the ability to change their appearance at every appointment! While some pick their favorite color for their bands, others choose to represent their favorite sports team.

One of our patients went with her school colors to celebrate Spirit Week at her school! You get the choice of using all of one color, one color for the top row and a second color for the bottom row, or even alternating colors!

Tried and True
One of the best benefits of traditional braces is the assurance that comes from using a technology that has been around for a long time. Metal braces have been tested and retested, and they have had consistent, overwhelming success. You can trust that metal braces are more than adequate to do the job of straightening your or your loved one’s teeth.

Clear Braces

Perfecting Your Smile in a Discreet Way

If you’re a person who spends a lot of time posing in front of a camera or speaking to crowds, then metal braces may not be an option. Or maybe you’d just prefer to keep your orthodontic treatment to yourself. Whatever the reason, if you need a more discreet way to straighten your teeth, we have good news! Smile Solutions Orthodontics offers clear braces in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ—the virtually invisible option that is hardly noticeable even up close.

Spark Clear Aligners
  • Clear braces let you show your smile, not your treatment. While the brackets are usually larger than metal braces, their color matches the tooth, making them a less noticeable orthodontic treatment.
  • Clear braces are made of a clear ceramic composite that does not stain upon eating or drinking your favorite foods. In addition, these clear ceramic braces help align teeth in a shorter period than plastic braces.

Braces for All Ages

Orthodontic treatment is not limited to any specific age group; it offers benefits to individuals of all ages. At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we welcome everyone warmly and offer the best care specific to the requirements of every age group. 

For Kids

Orthodontic treatment for kids can help address developing issues early, ensuring proper tooth and jaw alignment as they grow. This can prevent more complex problems in the future and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles.

For Teens

Adolescence is a time when self-confidence is crucial. Braces can help teens achieve a straighter, more appealing smile, reducing self-consciousness and enhancing their self-image. Properly aligned teeth are also easier to care for, reducing the risk of dental problems in teens.

For Adults

Adults can also benefit from braces, as it’s never too late to achieve a straighter and more attractive smile. Orthodontic treatment can correct long-standing issues, enhancing both oral health and aesthetics, which can be beneficial for adult interests like achieving a professional look, being an actor or influencer, alleviating TMD symptoms, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Braces can change your face because they change the shape of your jaw. The changes tend to be subtle and also positive because the shape of your jaw in part controls the direction and straightness of your teeth.
To get braces in Edison NJ, Millburn, or Union, you’ll book an appointment and visit one of our offices for a free consultation. If Dr. Chung, Dr. Epshteyn, or our team decide you need them, you can begin treatment when you’re ready.
Orthodontists specialize in correcting various dental issues, including misaligned jaws, crooked teeth, overcrowding, overbites, underbites, and spacing problems. Unlike dentists, who primarily focus on preventing and treating cavities, orthodontists are trained to address these specific concerns, ensuring precise and effective treatment.
Depending on the type of braces used and the state of your teeth at the time of installation, most orthodontists recommend wearing braces for anywhere from one year to three years.

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