Braces for kids are ideal for treating various orthodontic issues at an early age. Skilled orthodontists Dr. Chung and Dr. Epshteyn of Smile Solutions Orthodontics are committed to helping patients throughout Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ, improve their smiles and oral health.

They use corrective devices to straighten teeth, boosting orthodontic aesthetics, confidence, and self-esteem. Children can receive orthodontic care as early as age seven when one of our orthodontists can quickly diagnose and address tooth and jaw problems in their earliest stages.

What to Expect When a Child Begins Orthodontic Treatment?

You may take your child for an orthodontic exam with one of our orthodontists when they are as young as seven years old. During the first visit, our team will examine their teeth, mouth, and jaw. We understand that children are often nervous during orthodontic appointments, but we use kid-friendly language and create a comforting environment to help ease anxiousness.

During the free consultation, one of our orthodontists may also take an x-ray or mold impression of your child’s teeth to get a better understanding of your child’s orthodontic issues. Our office provides nonsurgical orthodontic care for various alignment issues, including crooked teeth, jaw misalignment, crossbites, underbites, and overbites.

How Parents Can Help Tooth Development

The best way to keep your child’s smile healthy is to help them develop good oral health habits at a young age. Primary teeth will fall out to make room for permanent teeth, but that does not mean you should not protect your child’s baby teeth.

Before your child’s first tooth erupts from their gums, you can use a clean damp washcloth to wipe their gums after each feeding. Until age three, you can help your child brush their teeth twice daily with a baby toothbrush and a bit of fluoride toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice. From ages three to five, your child should brush their teeth for two minutes using a pea-sized smear of toothpaste.

Visiting the dentist is an important milestone for your child’s oral development as well. Your child should see a dentist for a checkup when they receive their first tooth or turn one year old, whichever comes first.

Orthodontic Treatment Designed for Comfort

Many parents assume that their child’s braces will consist of large metal brackets and uncomfortable archwires. However, Smile Solutions Orthodontics understands the importance of having comfortable corrective treatments. For instance, your child may be a candidate for lower profile bracket options depending on preference.

Life With Braces

Living with braces will require some adjustments to daily activities. If your child has traditional metal braces, they will need to see Dr. Chung or Dr. Epshteyn every four to six weeks so that they can tighten the wires, apply new elastics around the brackets, and assess the treatment’s process.

Your child will need to brush and floss twice a day, but they should spend extra time cleaning their teeth. Food particles and harmful plaque can accumulate around the wires and brackets. To prevent tooth decay and cavities, they should carefully brush the areas between the braces and gums.

Treatment time for braces for kids varies. In most cases, children wear braces for one to two years.

Braces for Kids Treatment Options

Boy Braces SmilingOur orthodontists specialize in several varieties of braces for kids. They will recommend the most appropriate type of braces based on your child’s needs and smile goals. Some of our practice’s most common braces types in New Jersey include:

  • Metal Braces: Most people think of metal braces when receiving orthodontic care. They consist of brackets, elastic bands, and archwires, but modern metal braces for children have smaller, more comfortable brackets.
  • Damon® Braces: This corrective appliance connects the wire to brackets uses a self-ligating or sliding system instead of elastic bands. The brackets are smaller and more rounded for comfort.
  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces for kids are similar to traditional metal braces. The difference is the brackets are ceramic instead of metal. They are also tooth-colored to make them less noticeable.

SureSmile®: In addition to the types of braces we offer your child, we also utilize SureSmile. SureSmile uses an intricate 3D computer model of a patient’s teeth. With this, Dr. Chung and Dr. Epshteyn can plan their orthodontic treatment from start to finish. High-tech will customize the archwire according to the treatment plan, helping permanent teeth move into their correct position more efficiently.

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