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Wrapping up your orthodontic treatment should be a happy time, but finding out you owe more money than you expected can cause even the brightest smile to dim. Part of the Smile Solutions Orthodontics philosophy is an all-inclusive approach to treatment estimates when you move from traditional treatment to Invisalign®. That means you’ll know exactly how much your braces will cost – and everything that will be included – from the outset. No hidden fees, no surprise bills, and no extra charge for your retainers.

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How Long Do I Wear Retainers?

The short answer is, “as long as you want your teeth to remain straight.” Your teeth are still very prone to shifting immediately after you get your braces removed or finish Invisalign treatment. Our orthodontists here recommend that you wear your retainers about 12 hours a day for the first few weeks. After that you can wear them less often. It would still be advisable to wear them every night, however. This way you don’t risk losing the smile you worked so hard to attain.

What Happens If I Don’t Wear My Retainer?

Not wearing your retainer will do exactly what you’d expect. Your teeth can shift back into their original positions or in some other form of malocclusion. While this isn’t reversible if this does happen, you will risk having to go back into orthodontic treatment to correct your smile. Ensure you wear it nightly to be certain your smile will stay in place.

How Can I Make It Easier to Wear My Retainer?

At Smile Solutions, we get it. Adding another item to your nightly routine can feel like a burden. For those of us with other routines, remembering to wear your retainer can fall along the wayside. We have a few tips that can help you remember to put in this very important orthodontic device at night.

  1. Set an alarm or reminder about 30 minutes before bed. This will ensure you have a very visible reminder to wear the retainer.
  2. Place the retainer in a very visible place. When you brush your teeth at night, put the case next to your toothbrush. This will be the quick “one-two” punch that keeps that perfect smile…perfect!
  3. Ask your family to remind you! Soon you’ll be hearing “Good night, and remember to wear your retainer!”

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