At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we’ve treated over 12,000 happy patients with high-quality orthodontic care since 2000. Our top priority is creating happy, healthy smiles for all our patients and our biggest compliment comes when families or other professionals in the dental and orthodontic field refer new patients to our experienced team.

Dentist Testimonials

See what dentists have to say about their experience with our team below.

“I have known Dr. Chung for over 10 years now. When it was time for my daughter to get orthodontic treatment, there was no doubt who would be doing it. My daughter had the most crooked teeth and jaw misalignment anyone can imagine. Dr. Chung was so patient and thorough. The SureSmile made her treatment short and sweet. I am so thrilled with the results. Ria’s friends think her teeth are not real they are so perfect. I have always highly recommended Dr. Chung and will continue to do so. Thanks, Dr. Chung and the staff!”

Dr. Bhavi Bhagia
General Dentist – Edison, NJ

“I have been referring my patients and my family members to Dr. Chung for more than 10 years. Both my patients and I have been more than pleased with the skilled care and judgment he and his staff show with all their treatment. I feel that he is the area’s best orthodontist.“

Dr. Matthew Horn
General Dentist – Union, NJ

“My association with Dr. Chung goes way back to when I referred my dental assistant’s son to him 14 years ago. The kid had a bad overbite and Dr. Chung, with his ability, fixed it without extraction, slowly and meticulously moving teeth to the required positions. Dr. Chung has taken bad orthodontic outcomes where patients had jaw pains and treated the patients. After referring several patients and monitoring the outcomes, I decided to send my daughter to Dr. Chung in 2015. My daughter had a bad overjet and I really thought she would need an extraction but Dr. Chung slowly but surely brought teeth to the ideal positions. We value Dr Chung’s services to the community and the office staff is very valuable.”

Dr Kalyani Maddali
General Dentist – Union, NJ

“As a general dentist, I was looking for an orthodontist who values not just esthetic aspect but also the functional part of occlusion. After talking to Dr. Chung regarding my 13-year-old son’s treatment, I was so happy to find someone who understands the importance of a child’s jaw development that can affect the overall health of a child.

During the consultation, I was blown away by his detailed explanation and in-depth knowledge regarding relationships between airway, TMJ, muscles, and teeth using 3D CT scan images and digitally scanned images of teeth. It was the most thorough and in-depth consultation and treatment planning session I ever had in my 15-year career of practicing dentistry. I highly recommend him as an orthodontic specialist.”

Dr. Sunghyuk Lee, DDS
General Dentist – Edgewater, NJ

“Dr. Christopher Chung is the best orthodontist I ever encountered in my career. He has been in practice for more than 15 years but is always searching for the most innovative technology for his profession. I too have been practicing periodontics for 15 years, and he has always been an inspiration for me.”

Dr. Richard Shin
Periodontist – Oradell, NJ

“I have a unique perspective regarding Dr. Chung’s orthodontic skill and professionalism as well as his dedication to the professional development of his highly trained staff. Dr. Chung purchased my orthodontic practice and I continued to work with him for the next 1 1/2 years. During that time I was able to see first hand from an orthodontist’s perspective just how much Dr. Chung values utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to enhance his considerable knowledge and skills to obtain the best orthodontic results for his patients. He provides an extraordinary blending of computer-generated treatment planning (SureSmile and Invisalign) and orthodontic experience to produce results that routinely meet the highest standards of care in the most appropriate amounts of treatment time. As an orthodontist, I can confidently recommend Dr. Chung to anyone seeking the highest level of care and results.”

Dr. Michael G. Steinberg
Orthodontist – Millburn, NJ

Patient Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from actual Smile Solutions patients.

Ulises E. Erickson R.
17:12 06 Oct 22
Very accommodating staff, specially Miss Eva, love you allCheers
Lizet M.
19:09 05 Oct 22
The staff and the doctors are pleasant and easy to work with. The best part is that you don’t have to wait too long to be seen.
Anne M.
20:35 04 Oct 22
Smile solutions has been wonderful with all three of our boys. Staff is always friendly, caring and available. Would highly recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for Dr. Chung for taking great care of them and for the great big smiles!
Gianna C.
21:29 03 Oct 22
i was attended fast, i didn’t have to wait very long. i came in for braces , i got attended by Sandra, she was the best. she guided me through the whole process of getting the braces on , she made me feel comfortable & very calm, i usually have anxiety when it comes to things like this & i can say she was great !
Ved S.
21:27 30 Sep 22
Amazing results and wonderful staff!
Ladylane P.
18:23 30 Sep 22
We love Smile Solutions Ortho! It’s always a pleasure every time my kids visit them. Their team is very friendly and are always willing to help.
L T.
19:58 29 Sep 22
All of the staff here are so nice and helpful! We love the reception staff. They are great!! We love Eva too. So friendly!! The new office looks fantastic!!
18:44 29 Sep 22
I have a great experience straightening my teeth here. The doctors are fantastic and the staffs are super friendly. I am very satisfied with how my teeth look.
Kathleen L.
14:44 28 Sep 22
Staff is very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and ensure the patient experience is positive, which was very important to us when selecting an orthodontist. I knew we made the right choice when I overheard my son tell his friends that he likes going to orthodontist.
17:58 26 Sep 22
Talented doctors and great pleasant staff! My both boys are Dr. Chung's patients and he really gave them perfect smile.
Khaliyah R.
12:47 24 Sep 22
They are very Friendly and super nice. My experience was amazing. They talked me through the whole process and they were overall amazing.
Anna L.
19:09 23 Sep 22
Smile solutions is amazing! They truly care about their patients 🙂
Tiandre B.
18:11 23 Sep 22
My experience with smile solution has been wonderful the staff there is very kind and professional, they were quick to help me with any of my problems, discomfort, pain or just anything I would enjoy going there to get my braces tightened Ironic as that might sound i enjoyed speaking to the staff there about school and about personal topic. So I would say my experience there has been great and high recommend.
Yuliett D.
20:37 21 Sep 22
It was awesome experienceSandra did a pretty good jobWe are happy
Julissa M.
21:44 20 Sep 22
Totalmente recomendado..Estoy iniciando mi tratamiento y estoy encantada con todo el personal.El doctor y las chicas son súper atentas, Angie es muy linda aclara todas mis dudas, responde sin ningún problema y siempre con una sonrisa en su rostro.Gran trabajo chicas 👍
Arianny S.
17:47 20 Sep 22
Smile Solutions has been in my family through all 4 of my children. We kept coming back because of the amazingly attentive staff and office. Each child needed a different journey and the Smile Solution team always makes sure we’re on the same page! They treat you with such care and always make sure you are comfortable! Not to mention both their offices are super clean and nicely updated! I love that they give their patients prizes as motivation throughout their smile journey (and they’re super generous too!). And I have NEVER had to wait more than 10min to be seen because their staff is always on top of their game! They value our time and that means so much! My family will forever be grateful to the Smile Solution’s team!
Maha P.
16:10 20 Sep 22
I just took my braces off after 2 years and I gotta say I truly love my smile now. The whole entire process went super smoothly and I do not regret coming to Smile Solutions one bit. Also from the moment I walked in to the moment I finished my treatment every single person in the office was super duper friendly and helpful. Sandra was one person I worked with throughout my treatment a lot and I love her sooooo muchh and so happy I got to meet her. As a college student, my schedule has changed so many times, leading me to change appointments (a lot) and there was never an issue, not once and I really appreciated that. I went to a lot of offices before choosing this one and I must say it was a great decision and recommend anyone coming here!
Megan C.
22:37 19 Sep 22
When i come here i have a Funtime because i get to talk to the people that are doing my teeth and thy are really nice to me .
Eva A.
21:20 19 Sep 22
Since you enter the place, it feels good. The people at the desk are friendly and helpful and the dentists are great with my kids.
18:41 19 Sep 22
Great service and easy to get my invisalign.
MrsK H.
17:42 19 Sep 22
Great place!! My children and I have had our braces done here and they’re superb!!
Oksana S.
23:22 16 Sep 22
My son was a little anxious about getting braces. It’s was a really wonderful experience. Sandra made my son really comfortable and relaxed, explained really good what to expect and how to take care of his new braces .
Christina L.
21:18 16 Sep 22
We love Smile Solutions! All 3 of my kids have gotten their braces here. The staff is always kind and courteous. We very rarely wait when we have appointments and the Milburn office is very clean and modern.
yesim O.
19:42 16 Sep 22
Dr. E and the staff are wonderful! I love my new smile. I can finally smile in photos now 🙂 They are all very patient and have a great bedside manner. I would recommend Smile Solutions to anyone who isn't 100% happy with their smile!
Greg W.
19:37 16 Sep 22
Office is pleasant and well organized. Staff members are helpful and knowledgeable. Our 11yo son enjoys his appointments.
Sandra M.
19:01 16 Sep 22
Smile solutions are so efficient, helpful and kind with my daughter. Highly recommend!
Emani G.
18:55 16 Sep 22
Very nice people and always have a smile on their face when they welcome me .I had a great experience
Adam G.
18:41 16 Sep 22
Such an awesome place!! From the office staff, assistants, Orthodontist, even the waiting area, just top notch. Everyone is always friendly and welcoming. Been a patient about 4 years now and all great experiences so far. Pardon the pun, but we actually do leave smiling.
Nicole Da S.
18:03 16 Sep 22
Absolutely love Dr. Chung and his staff, they are great!! Highly recommend to anyone who is unsure or needs an ortho doctor. They show interest and care, and I have never waited more than 5 mins to be seen. They are utterly fantastic!
Siera T.
17:56 16 Sep 22
I am beyond happy with this facility. The staff and Dr's are wonderful and extremely friendly. They were, and have been so patient with my son. I recommend them 100%
Matt L.
17:22 16 Sep 22
Very clean as soon as you walk in. They’re very polite & gentle, and you feel comfortable in their environment.
Manny A.
16:42 16 Sep 22
My dentist recommended Smile Solutions to me for my Invisalign process. It has been a truly amazing experience, from the professionalism to the care. They have been caring, friendly and knowledgeable.
Vaishali P.
20:58 15 Sep 22
I have brought both my sons to Dr. Chung over the past 4+years. While one required significant alignment the other only minor and both were handled meticulously with their preferences and lifestyle in mind. The offices are always accommodating of your availability and the staff is friendly and courteous. There are never any long wait times making the visits and the overall experience very comfortable for parents and the child.
Dave A.
20:18 15 Sep 22
Excellent service and treatment every visit. They are always very accommodating with appointments. The braces and care received have been life changing for my son
Z A.
19:54 15 Sep 22
Good service 👍
Adriana P
19:51 15 Sep 22
The employees are very respectful and helpful. The doctor was very thorough explaining the process of the braces to my daughter. Overall it has been a great experience and great hospitality.
Jack R.
19:09 15 Sep 22
Very good straightened my teeth
Mohammad Yusuf A.
19:02 15 Sep 22
Really helped my teeth. Seriously, my teeth were literally inside out and they really helped me with that. I can confidently smile without the worry of looking scary 😁
Denise L.
18:22 15 Sep 22
Staff is friendly and I have never had to wait long to get attended
Lucyna P.
18:22 15 Sep 22
Amazing place. New location is beautiful, they have very good coffee 😁fantastic staff, very nice and helpful, and the doctor is very professional, approaches each patient individually and tries to meet the patient's requirements, if you are looking for an orthodontist you will not find a better place, they accept a lot of insurance and you can pay monthly,
Taylor H.
18:16 15 Sep 22
I love this place the service is great and it is a beautiful place my teeth have never looked better
Amit S.
18:03 15 Sep 22
Had a very positive outcome
Haydee C.
21:23 13 Sep 22
Excellent service, very professional.
Deidre K.
21:12 12 Sep 22
The place is so amazing and I love taking my son for visits!!!
21:01 12 Sep 22
My experience here is great, great people with good communication, these braces has helped me smile more, I’ve been so happy with the process of fixing my teeth with smile solution orthodontics
Connie M.
15:13 10 Sep 22
The Staff is exceptional in scheduling around working parents. We never have to wait more than 10 minutes. Both my sons have had a positive experiance with Dr.Chung.Parking is easy. I would recommend their services to friends and famiily 100%
MC Productions N.
21:13 09 Sep 22
Great place, great care
Mrs. P.
19:43 09 Sep 22
All 4 of my kids have been to smile solutions! They did an awesome job on there teeth. The staff is fantastic, friendly, helpful makes every visit nice.I recommend to all my friends. Love smile solution!❤️
Victoria T.
20:31 07 Sep 22
Both my daughter and son are patients here. We've had great experience and both Drs are very knowledgeable.
Nicole S.
18:42 06 Sep 22
Dr. Chung, Dr. Epshteyn and the entire staff at Smile Solutions Orthodontics are amazing. Our family have been coming here for years (all 3 of my children) and they have always treated us with nothing but kindness and compassion, especially with my youngest son who gets very anxious with doctor visits. They have always been patient with him and very comforting to him.Their newly renovated office is beautiful. I will recommend them always! 🦷👍
Emily C.
16:42 02 Sep 22
Smile orthodontics is very helpful and accommodating. I have had a great experience with them!
Zahirah W.
16:17 02 Sep 22
Overall great experience! Nice and welcoming workers.
Felicia E.
15:59 02 Sep 22
Smile Solutions are the best. I brought my son for his braces and I must say I am very satisfied . The staff and Dr.s are very polite. There's never a wait time or anything. I will definitely refer and recommend anyone to Smile Solutions.
gazel D.
13:49 02 Sep 22
Very warm and friendly clinic. We are attended promptly and has flexible hours.
Larry B.
15:31 01 Sep 22
Amazing office with a friendly staff. Everyone is very attentive and comforting!
Luisa M.
11:31 01 Sep 22
Yesterday my daughter got her braces at the Union location and i have to say what a great office this is. I loved how much everyone care and how helpful they are. The staff is very professional and courteous. I want to give special thanks to Sandra because not only she was very patient with my daughter, she also took the time to explain everything with so much love and care.
Alexander Mathew M.
20:20 29 Aug 22
We love Dr Chung and his staff. I always had a great experience with the office staff. They are always very accommodating and a pleasure to talk to.. The office is spick and span with beautiful seasonal decor. Would strongly recommend to friends and family.
20:00 29 Aug 22
Sandra was very patient and made me feel extremely comfortable! Thank you.
Teresa M.
16:00 25 Aug 22
I would highly recommend Smile Solutions for all your orthodontic needs! Both of my children had wonderful results and experiences under Dr. Chung’s care! A big thank you to all the staff as well!
Alejandro P.
15:19 25 Aug 22
The moment you come through the door, everyone is friendly and pleasant. the greet you as soon as you enter the building. We were able to choose the most comfortable and economical option thanks to the payment information and simple explanation of the brace procedure. Once I had my braces on, the operation was finished quickly and painlessly
Nahisha E.
19:51 23 Aug 22
I LOVE this place because they’r so gentle and always try not to hurt me. They treat me so good and make me laugh.Love,Khloe Guzman
shoba S.
18:21 23 Aug 22
Dr Sarah was so nice to my daughter explained everything well about the procedure. My daughter felt very comfortable with her .
Aicon A.
19:11 22 Aug 22
Very efficient staff. No delays. Love them. Customer service is on point.
Kiyah K.
21:29 19 Aug 22
Everyone here is great! Customer Service is amazing!
emily K.
21:29 18 Aug 22
The office is gorgeous but the staff and the doctor were even better! I went in for a consultation thinking ill have to get invisalign but the dr was so informative and suggested me to not proceed with treatments as it would cause problems for my teeth instead. I was so shock because ive been to other consultations before and none of them examined me ad well but persisted me to get $5k+ treatments. im glad i came to smilesolutions because their genuine consultations really made me wanna go back just to say hi!
Chris A.
20:29 15 Aug 22
Sandra and the Smile Solutions team have been outstanding!!! They have been friendly and professional from the very beginning. Above all, my teeth are straight and I can finally smile with confidence!!! I will definitely recommend them to family and friends that are need of braces.
Jenna W.
20:12 15 Aug 22
I got my braces done by Sandra. She was excellent and explained the process to me. The experience was completely painless and quick. 10/10 would recommend her and the entire staff.
Maricela M.
21:31 04 Aug 22
Great place !! Highly recommended..
luisa R.
19:42 04 Aug 22
love coming to Dr Chung's office , all his staff is very professional and friendly, i'm very satisfied with his treatment and highly recommend this office for your orthodontic treatment .
Maria V.
01:09 19 Jul 22
I am very happy with my progress so far . The staff is very professional and accommodating .
Julie R.
14:42 06 Jul 22
The staff are wonderful. From the moment we walked in they made my son feel at ease. He was evaluated, X-ray and braces installed all in less than 2 hours. I am very pleased with the entire process. Highly recommended.
Yvonne R.
14:09 16 Jun 22
Smile Solutions Made me feel comfortable thru my process and was very friendly and understanding.
Andrea M.
15:32 14 Jun 22
Very happy with my results, the staff is always so nice and helpful. The professionals there are always making sure you are comfortable. I rocked my treatment in only 12 months and I'm in love with my new smile. Very sophisticated equipment, very nice office in Millburn and Edison. Payments are flexible, and the results are amazing! Highly recommend.
Eric N.
00:59 03 Jun 22
Smile Solutions, in my opinion, is a very lovely and relaxing environment. They care about their patients and are always pleasant when I see them. They make every effort to put the patient at ease while inspecting your teeth. I am very satisfied with how my teeth turned out and would strongly recommend to someone else.
Wen H.
17:11 26 May 22
Dr. Chung and his technical assistants team are highly professional, proficient and very kind to patients. The office assistants are cheerful, kind, and always ready to help, and they are professional in dealing with insurance and flex spending. My daughter is very happy with the new look of her teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Chung and his team for their professional excellence and care for patients.
David S.
14:06 23 May 22
Smile Solutions Orthodontics is one of tri state area’s best offices of dental practice. This facility is operated by well experienced and welcoming staff, there receptionist Angelica has always greeted me with a warm welcome, their assistants are so knowledgeable and gentle. Followed by the doctor who has always made sure I felt welcomed and cared for. He is very gentle and makes sure I understand completely the services provided and what is the best route I should take in my dental journey.
Bhargavi T.
21:06 19 May 22
Staff is really nice and welcoming!
Anish M.
18:12 19 May 22
I like the new place!
13:27 05 Apr 22
Dr. Chung and Dr . E are very knowledgeable and professional . The staff is friendly and caring . I have been to all 3 offices and I am always happy to see the same staff , the same happy faces. . The offices are very clean and beautiful. I highly recommend this office if your looking for professional doctors , excellent service and friendly staff.
Rick C
16:46 28 Mar 22
It was a great and positive experience here at Smile Solutions. My daughter was always treated like a princess. The entire team here is wonderful and so friendly. I’m so happy I chose to come here.
mitul P.
18:23 17 Mar 22
Great Place.
Priya B.
18:04 17 Mar 22
My daughter got her braces here at Smile solutions. Dr. Chung is very nice and available to answer any questions and concerns at pretty much anytime of the day! I really liked that about him since in the beginning days my daughter suffered with some mouth ulcers due to the metal scrubbing against her skin! He was there to answer any questions. Although I find this treatment slightly expensive compared to other places, I liked the hospitality, hygiene and overall confidence I get from smile solutions. I didn’t have any negative experience.
rupert S.
19:24 04 Mar 22
I would like to share with everyone that my family and I had a great customer experience at Smile Solutions. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable which I highly recommend.
miguel C.
19:24 04 Mar 22
I came for a consultation for Invisalign and came out with a better smile. Customer service has been very nice and helpful through the process. They have made the process very efficient.
Jose V.
22:38 18 Feb 22
The staff and providers at Wow Braces in Millburn are very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. I strongly recommend this office for orthodontic treatment and any other service this office may provide, as my experience here has been very pleasant and is leading to my being able to have a better smile in the future.
Jonathan F.
18:51 17 Feb 22
Smile Solutions made the process so easy and efficient for us and our daughter from start to finish. Thank you!
Sasha R.
18:46 17 Feb 22
Everyone in this establishment is super friendly and helpful! Had a great braces journey with them and I am super happy with my new smile!
Anurag B.
04:24 16 Feb 22
Very nice staff. Good communication. I definitely recommend coming here.
Maya Y.
18:52 08 Feb 22
Dr. Chung is my children’s orthodontist who was highly recommended by a family friend.We are happy with his polite staff and the services and would recommend him to anyone looking for an orthodontist care.
Ashley L.
19:05 31 Jan 22
They gave me the best experience I could ask for and the best smile too!
Jasmin M.
20:37 26 Jan 22
Smile solutions in Millburn is the true epitome of professionalism, courtesy and kindness throughout my entire orthodontic experience. The expectations of what my smile would look like was achieved and I highly recommend anyone of any age, if you’re looking to improve your smile, go to Smile Solutions in Millburn
Karin A.
18:11 21 Jan 22
They made my entire experience getting braces so easy and the staff is all so friendly I would definitely recommend this office to anyone needing an orthodontist
Anthony A.
19:40 20 Jan 22
This place is great
Heidy P.
16:14 18 Jan 22
The staff and the doctor are very respectful and they make you feel comfortableThey have a great care
Sreeja A.
20:04 16 Dec 21
My sister and I have been going here for years! We couldn’t be happier with our results. This is for sure the place for anyone looking for braces/Invisalign treatment for correction! Thank you Smile Solutions!
Arnese J.
11:08 14 Dec 21
I took My daughter here for a consultation for braces and From start to finish the visit was great. We were welcomed right away and taken to the room where we would get started promptly. The staff was extremely respectful, informative and helpful. My daughter was extremely comfortable and they had top of the line equipment. I’m so glad I was Referred to Smile Solutions.
Reed K.
20:12 07 Dec 21
Relaxed and great service / experience
M. Lea S.
23:12 03 Dec 21
Dr. Chang, Kathy and Sandra are the best!
Narra C.
16:45 23 Oct 21
I strongly recommend Smiles Solutions. They have done wonders on my daughters teeth and her smile has never looked better!
Jimmielee K.
20:55 18 Oct 21
Great and very helpful staff. My teeth are amazing now thanks so much-JASPER
Brian C.
20:31 14 Oct 21
Everyone is so nice and helpful in the office. Dr. Chung is so knowledgeable and good with my daughter.
Carie T.
20:44 13 Oct 21
My son was really nervous about getting braces at his visit yesterday but Sandra made him feel so comfortable. He had been told by friends that they would hurt so bad Sandra told him that they would definitely be sore and explained the process exactly how it was going to happen. He was done in a flash and she then explained to us care and cleaning instructions. She was very professional and super friendly.
Liz D.
20:19 12 Oct 21
Dr. Chung and his staff are the most caring and attentive staff around!
Reilly M.
20:39 04 Oct 21
I just started my treatment at this office & I am kicking for not having started sooner! Everyone is super friendly & accommodating to my wacky schedule. The wait time is usually no longer than 10 minutes, you’re in & out as quickly as possible, and it is super clean! I’d highly recommend this office to anyone (-:
Jessica P.
20:24 01 Oct 21
My daughter has been coming here since early 2020. We always have a pleasant experience. The entire office staff is so friendly and kind. Both Orthodontists are wonderful as well. I highly recommend Smile Solutions Orthodontics!
Alison U.
20:22 01 Oct 21
The office is clean and new. The appts are timely and we rarely have to wait. They also have a hot chocolate machine (says my daughter).The process was very easy & the outcomes are great.
Skylar S.
19:25 01 Oct 21
Smile Solutions has the friendliest staff. They always make my children feel safe and welcome. The are on schedule, quick and efficient. Thank you for making this process so easy! The Smith Family
Sanjana S.
19:22 28 Sep 21
The staff is great and friendly! Especially the front desk 🙂 <3
21:21 27 Sep 21
Been coming here with my two kids for years now and we love it.
Teresa Della R.
18:05 26 Sep 21
Dr. Christopher H. Chung, is the orthodontist of my children Antonio and Lucia and we have found him very well. My children are doing great with him. Later we had to change orthodontists as I changed my insurance and it was no longer being covered. My children and I were not happy with the new orthodontist, so we switched back to Dr. Chung, because we trust him and I think he is the best orthodontist you can find.From the Lubrano family😊
Yamileth L.
18:23 22 Sep 21
I love Smile Solutions. The staff members and the doctors are very professional. Don’t have to wait a long time for appointments. Everyone is super sweet and my teeth look really nice! I would definitely recommend to anyone to go here.
Gabyb B.
17:41 22 Sep 21
customer service is top-tier. You really feel welcome. Overall a nice place.
14:29 22 Sep 21
Awesome team members! Thank you for always taking good care of me!
Jazz G
22:44 20 Sep 21
Love this place!! They treat me with niceness and care. It is also very clean! All the employees are so sweet and kind! Super organized and professional.
Ramya S.
18:56 14 Sep 21
We are not only impressed with Dr. Chung and the brilliant work he does but also with the staff. They are very polite and courteous.What I personally really love about this place is there is no wait time. They see you on the dot at your appt time! And their response time to the queries posted even on weekends is impeccable.My child just got her braces off and we couldn't be more pleased! Excellent results. Thank you 'smile solutions'! 😊
Felicia A
20:11 10 Sep 21
The staff are the most kindest and down to earth people. I am able to go in and be greeted with a warm welcome and refreshments as well as a cute gaming area during the wait. They give me their honest opinions as well as helping me grow in my dental journey. This is a great facility and I would recommend highly.
Kathy I.
19:14 10 Sep 21
I had a slight underbite, just a few months and I can say I'm so happy with my smile.
Vedashree Y.
13:06 03 Aug 21
Love it 😍 I got my braces here!!!!
Carrie G.
18:56 09 Jul 21
My son’s smile is perfect. They use computer modeling to adjust the wires for much better accuracy. It is a well organized and professional office - and fantastic results.
kelz L.
18:09 01 Jul 21
I love the team at Smiles Solutions, they are very friendly and helpful. Dr Chung explain everything so well and make sure you are happy.
walidah W.
17:57 29 Jun 21
Our visit was excellent..The staff is amazing. They made my twins girls very comfortable while getting their braces.
Aarti S.
21:53 12 May 21
Great service and very nice people!
Elissa V.
23:55 19 Apr 21
Smile Solutions Othodontics is the best orthodontic office I could ever bring my kids to. They are super kind and friendly. When my kids got their braces on they were so gentle and made my kids feel as welcome as possible. I totally recommend this place for anyone.
Luisa A.
18:07 17 Apr 21
Very friendly staff. Excellent service!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍
Rocio G.
15:41 27 Mar 21
Amazing, exceptional satisfied, myself was treated there and now my son 14. He is very happy .....flexible hour, friendly staff. Open Saturdays and late hours. Excellent results
Sam S.
13:44 10 Mar 21
I enjoyed working with the team here to get my teeth looking nice! The staff is extremely friendly and always makes me feel comfortable and welcome. The building is beautiful and truly a comfortable place to help so many to get the smile they hope for
Fatima K.
23:43 09 Mar 21
I think smile solutions is a very nice and comforting place.They love their patients and are very nice every time I come to see them.They try their absolute best to comfort the patient while checking on your teeth.If I could I would definitely recommend this dentist to someone else.
Joan N.
19:02 08 Mar 21
Everyone awesome
Saul C.
23:49 02 Mar 21
They are really good , nice and professional 👏 always on time ⏲️ you don't have to wait... 🦷🦷🦷👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anne D.
16:20 24 Feb 21
My experience was wonderful, They were taking great care of my teeth. The procedures went well, The dentist who was putting my braces checked up on me the next day to know how I was doing, I really appreciate that 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Ismayra R.
15:02 20 Feb 21
Everybody is so nice and professional. Every single person took their time to explain things the right way and answered all our questions. They made my daughter feel comfortable. The doctor was amazing and also explained every step that will have to be made. Highly recommend coming here if needed!
Moniqui B.
17:11 10 Feb 21
At our appointment we were greeted with friendly faces that took the time to explain the entire process. We were seen promptly and didn’t have to wait more that a few minutes. The finance team met with our mother and explained everything. The office was clean and they all followed COVID-19 protocols. We only received our top row of appliances to ease into this process and will be receiving the bottom row in 8 weeks.
13:53 06 Feb 21
Love love love staff! Nice and professional GREAT!!
Mercedes D.
16:48 05 Feb 21
They are always very helpful and kind. It’s a very clean environment and they always answer or get back to you when you call. The wait time for the appointments are very quick. I would recommend.
Mallory O.
18:46 30 Jan 21
Smile Solutions was amazing from day 1! Everyone was always extremely kind and personable, from the doctors to the front desk girls. Wish I could give more stars, I could not recommend them enough!
20:42 23 Jan 21
My name is Mark Santoro father to Ashley (18) and Nicole (15) Santoro. Both of my daughters are patients of Dr. Chung. Both daughters had braces and before Ashley could have her braces Dr. Chung fitted her with a jaw widener. I want my daughters in the best and most capable hands and that is exactly who Dr. Chung and his staff are. Smart, experienced and easy to deal with. Even through the pandemic they did what needed to be done and the girls and me are happy with the results. If I had a third child I would bring them right to Dr. Chung. Thanks for everything Smile Solutions. Sincerely Mark Santoro.
teseline J.
19:33 13 Jan 21
Great service!
Zahrah K.
05:46 13 Jan 21
The staff and doctor are great. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I felt completely comfortable at my appointment. The staff took my temperature, everyone was socially distancing, wearing masks, and they were disinfecting between each patient. I would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends!
Ivette M.
21:08 12 Jan 21
Both my kids saw Dr. Chung for years and we had a great experience. The staff is also great to work with. Highly recommend!
Purvi P.
20:56 12 Jan 21
Dr.Chung and his staff are very friendly and caring. The visits are quick and efficient.
Katie N.
19:25 12 Jan 21
Dr. Chung and his staff are excellent. The staff is always professional and courteous and they are always trying to accommodate crazy schedules during Covid and hybrid school. Beautiful new office. We have been extremelty happy with Smile Solutions and would recommend easily.
18:32 12 Jan 21
Outstanding service! Great professional team, my son loves his dentist appointment with them, he has a great smile. Thank you Smile Solutions Orthodontics, the best team ever!! We recommend everybody to visit Millburn or Union, amazing nurses, assistants, Dr. Christopher Chung. You feel in home when arrive to the monthly appointment with your child. Thank you guys for everything!!!
Liliya T.
17:57 12 Jan 21
Very professional! Easy to schedule appointment.
Susan W.
17:26 12 Jan 21
We are almost done with orthodontia -- having had three children get braces through Smile Solutions, I've always been very happy with their practice, and love the new facility they opened a few years go. Pleasant and convenient, great people, and careful COVID precautions.
Gabriela P.
23:04 11 Dec 20
The people there are very loving and caring. They are calm and peaceful allowing the patients to be more calm and peaceful. They try their best to fit your liking or schedule, and they are very careful with their patients. Everybody there is nice and calm.
Al N
16:24 18 Nov 20
I swear by them, great staff, atmosphere but more importantly amazing results. I love them
Andrea M.
22:21 09 Oct 20
Smile Solutions is the best! They are brilliant and savvy and on top of everything. They are always flexible and eager to solve any problem. We have loved every minute of our years with Smile Solutions. We wouldn't go any where else! Thank you for being kind and wonderful to us always!
22:11 06 Oct 20
The team is professional and efficient. Nice service, I am pleased with the results and beautiful smile with shining teeth. Thank you!!
Maria F. O.
18:14 05 Oct 20
Love this place ❤ very clean!Nice staff and good doctors, everyone is very friendly!
13:44 03 Oct 20
18:31 29 Sep 20
The building is very nice and they do a very good job with taking care of my teeth 🙂 very easy to schedule as well :)! Thank you so much
Taheerah M.
18:45 22 Sep 20
Dr. Chung and his staff are always patient, kind and professional! I would recommend them for children as well as adults!
Robbie L.
14:24 22 Sep 20
One of my favorites places , im always looking forward to my appointments because of the stuff , everybody is friendly they’re always making sure you’re comfortable and constastly making sure all your concerns and necessities are met. One time i had an emergency and they were able to accommodate me for an emergency appotiment the next day overall the facility is always clean. They work with the latest techology and my treatment is going great , I’m going miss everyone there once my treatment is done 🙁
Irene V.
16:12 19 Sep 20
Excellent experience every visit !! Highly recommend!!
00:44 17 Sep 20
Despite traveling for 30 minutes to get to Dr. Chung’s office in Edison, I love everything about this place. The Dr is very detail oriented, and the staff is amazing from the hygienists to the front desk ladies. They were all are nice and very helpful. The office is super clean. I Feel safe and have a good peace of mind for daughter to be their patient there in the next couple years
Elvira M.
23:30 16 Sep 20
Friendly and professional staff. Clean office and very organized. On time appointments with very little wait time. Love them! Would (and already have) recommend them to anyone young and old like myself!
Srinivas D.
15:30 16 Sep 20
Doctors and employees all are professional. Front desk appointments are done so right in this place.
21:46 15 Sep 20
Smile Solutions has a great staff that is always very patient, organized and kind! Especially in the times that we see ourselves to be in today, they always take the right procedures to ensure that their patients feel safe and comfortable when entering the building. Would definitely recommend whether looking to get metal or Invisalign braces.
Luciana M.
20:41 12 Sep 20
We love coming to the office. We never have to wait. The staff and Dr. Chung are always so pleasant!! The office is very clean!!! It’s always a great experience!
Guerna W.
14:17 12 Sep 20
Amazing service. Everyone who works here are wonderful
Liz F.
23:29 11 Sep 20
Great placeHighly RecommendGreat people and very helpful
Keiana W.
20:03 12 Mar 20
With braces being something new for my son and both his father and I. The staff is always very helpful, friendly, and informative. My sons father not I had ever had braces so we were not familiar with the process of things or what to look for. The dentist and staff have been more than helpful. This place is amazing my son loves going and loves the staff.
18:03 12 Mar 20
Great place and nice staff. Did a great job on improving my teeth and smile.
Carmen D.
17:59 12 Mar 20
I have been going to this location for 2 years now, and I can honestly say this is a wonderful location. The staff are very polite and caring for each and every person that steps in through there doors. Every time I would come they would always put a smile on my face.
Nahyr F.
18:04 11 Mar 20
Great office staff friendly always nice and helpful!! Wonderful office.
Allison K.
18:49 04 Mar 20
Excellent! Always on time and flexible with appointments. sons smile!
Angela K.
00:34 27 Feb 20
My son just got his braces on at the Union office and the staff and Dr.Epshteyn were fabulous!! Very thorough and helpful! My son was very comfortable with the entire process!
Jagan S.
22:29 16 Feb 20
Great experience! Friendly staff. In and out.
Rosie C.
23:05 12 Feb 20
They're very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend smile solutions to anyone
Amanda P.
21:10 05 Feb 20
I absolutely love my Invisalign!!! And no one could have helped me anymore than their team at smile solutions! They were all so nice and were always there if I had a problem which was rarely because of how perfect they made everything for me!! They are completely committed to making my teeth the best they can be and I love the turn out so far!!!
Gary p
06:09 05 Feb 20
They are the best !! My kids teeth are perfect now , they were very crooked and one tooth was sideways and somehow they got it perfect it's a miracle how great they did it . Thank You Very Much !!!! Dr Chung and everyone was incredible !
Elena S.
15:08 12 Dec 19
Staff is very friendly, thorough and kind. Emergency appointments are easy to get and the comfort of patients is of primary concern. Love Smile Solutions Orthodontics!
Lisa L.
12:49 12 Dec 19
My husband took our son for a consultation so that he can get braces. From their point of view the staff was kind and explained the process in full detail.Unfortunately, I could not be there but from what I was told, it was a positive outcome, so our son will be getting braces REAL soon.
Annette C.
01:53 07 Nov 19
Kid friendly environment. Wonderful staff.
Jen M.
06:51 26 Oct 19
I love this orthodontist and definitely recommend them to my family and friends look big for one all the time. They’re so kinda and make me feel super comfortable whenever I come there. 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place with amazing service and even better results
Ernesto R.
16:44 05 Oct 19
The Staff is the Best!!!😄Dr. Chung wAs very Cordial and helpful!!!Thanx Smile Solutions!!!!
Erin O.
14:39 01 Oct 19
All the staff especially the front desk are very helpful whether it is finances or just a regular visit. The office is very welcoming and makes it seem as though you aren’t at an appointment.
Kathy I.
19:51 19 Sep 19
Excellent office, doctor, staff😊
Sophia O.
20:18 18 Aug 19
I was really pleased with the end result of my treatment. I not only enjoyed the final product, but throughout the journey I was amazed by Dr. Chung and his staff they were very professional and welcoming. They did a great job and I would definitely recommend Smile Solutions Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for a fantastic smile provided by a wonderful staff !!
Tisya S.
21:31 16 Aug 19
Dr. Chung is amazing! He took on the daunting challenge to bring down my invisible teeth embedded in the gums into the rightful spot and was successful with all his hard work and persistence. I have my smile back!!! Thanks to Dr. Chung and his amazing staff!!
Heather Tafur (.
13:23 13 Aug 19
The office staff, hygienists and orthodontist are all very welcoming and kind. Every appointment ends with a detailed review and future plan with the orthodontist. The wait time is only a few minutes, which upsets my daughter because she likes to play the video games in the waiting room. It is always a great experience!
Rossiris O.
07:06 20 Jun 19
Very professional and polite, treated my son very gentle and explain the entire process giving him good advices on how to take care of the brasses.
Isabelly P.
02:55 16 Jun 19
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.
Arvind U.
00:57 13 Jun 19
Excellent serviceWill recommend to others
Kristin D.
00:58 10 Jun 19
Friendly and efficient staff. They graciously accepted me as a transfer patient. The Sure Smile system is amazing!
Donna P.
18:39 06 Jun 19
Very professional and clean office. All of the staff is very nice and caring. I would recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic services!!
Luis Moncayo (.
19:34 04 Jun 19
This place is great. From the receptionist to the discussion with the dentist. Everything goes smooth. Thank you for making these visits easy and painles
Louis S.
20:10 03 Jun 19
Dr. Chung and his staff are Meticulous and very professional. Everyone there is very pleasant. The office is bright and cheery and very kid friendly, with gaming consoles and videos playing. Special shout out to Angelica, who always greets me with a smile and a kind word. The entire staff is great as well.
Taheerah H.
22:50 02 Jun 19
You have provided great care to my daughter throughout her process. The staff has always been very helpful, curtious, patient and clear in their explanations. The office has always been clean and the waiting are comfortable.My daughter just got her palette expander off. I had never really heard of this process before but I feel that the staff showed me and explained it all very well. When it was 1st put in I was very nervous about have to turn it but I was shown how and allowed to take a video so I could refer back to it. My daughter and I adjusted to the process and before I knew it I didn’t even have to crank it any more. The staff are very patient and friendly to all. Thank you All.Mrs. HectorI am now going through the process again with my second daughter and the service is still friendly and professional. Flexible appointment hours.
Theodora S.
23:51 30 May 19
Loved how we were given all of the information and costs upfront. The staff was welcoming, warm and friendly. Dr Chung explained the process from soup to nuts. The office is very clean and bright. Scheduling appointments was a breeze. Highly recommend
Mene 1.
23:52 25 May 19
Great service ! Super friendly staff 🙂
12:06 17 May 19
Very nice Drs and friendly staff..
03:29 17 May 19
Very nice Drs and staff, liked the office overall..highly recommending..
Ta N
01:54 16 May 19
I found Dr. Chung after researching for orthodontists who specialize in lingual braces. As an adult in a professional setting I wanted to keep my braces a secret! Dr. Chung and I discussed the pros and cons and I went ahead with the lingual braces. The lingual braces were uncomfortable for a while at first but then with time and a lot of wax; it got better. About a year into treatment Dr. Chung and I discussed taking off the lingual and replacing with clear braces on the front. I was hesitant, but it was the only way to get the perfect rotation. He did this at no charge and continued my treatment for another 15 months. I took the long road but the results were worth it. He was patient with my many questions and worked closely with my dentist to discuss further bonding/veneer options. Scheduling appointments were easy with office locations in Edison or Millburn. His staff was always able to fit me in with a busy work schedule. Dr. Chung and his staff are warm, welcoming and true professionals.
Ta N
01:54 16 May 19
I found Dr. Chung after researching for orthodontists who specialize in lingual braces. As an adult in a professional setting I wanted to keep my braces a secret! Dr. Chung and I discussed the pros and cons and I went ahead with the lingual braces. The lingual braces were uncomfortable for a while at first but then with time and a lot of wax; it got better. About a year into treatment Dr. Chung and I discussed taking off the lingual and replacing with clear braces on the front. I was hesitant, but it was the only way to get the perfect rotation. He did this at no charge and continued my treatment for another 15 months. I took the long road but the results were worth it. He was patient with my many questions and worked closely with my dentist to discuss further bonding/veneer options. Scheduling appointments were easy with office locations in Edison or Millburn. His staff was always able to fit me in with a busy work schedule. Dr. Chung and his staff are warm, welcoming and true professionals.
wendy K.
12:46 15 May 19
The office is always timely and efficient. I have never been in a more well run medical office. The staff are always friendly and helpful.
Chris W.
21:20 14 May 19
Great people, always quick.
Melissa G.
03:37 02 May 19
The staff and the process was amazing. I was assessed and referred to Have Trudenta therapy. They got me started right away and I'm looking forward to great results and a pain free life. Very professional, clean, modern, and clearly the staff is trained properly in the areas they work in. Thank you very much for getting me on a treatment plan.
Paola N.
14:50 24 Apr 19
Absolutely love this place! Every employee is so wonderful, helpful, and kind. They make the experience extremely fun and overall AMAZING!
lisbeth C.
13:32 19 Apr 19
We are so grateful I went to your office for my daughter treatment... the Dr it's out of this world , also the amazing staff thanks for an AMAZING experience.
Shannon M.
20:41 18 Apr 19
I love Smile Solutions! Mostly because of the staff. They are absolutely lovely! 10/10 would recommend
Shannon M.
20:41 18 Apr 19
I love Smile Solutions! Mostly because of the staff. They are absolutely lovely! 10/10 would recommend
Mallory M.
17:03 18 Apr 19
I went to Smile Solutions for a consultation on Invisalign. Everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly. Highly recommend
Mallory M.
17:02 18 Apr 19
I went to Smile Solutions for a consultation on Invisalign. Everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly. Highly recommend
Sanjana B.
14:33 17 Apr 19
My son had a situation to check his front teeth's cross bite with Orthodentis. I visited Smile Solutions for this purpose and was pleasantly surprised to see how friendly atmosphere that I got into. They did a very detailed examination (haven't seen so detailed so far) for my child and without taking any money and gave me very good information as to how this needs to be corrected. First time I have visited such a dental place in US that is so friendly and focus on patient more than the money.
Keshia C.
13:06 17 Apr 19
Thank you Dr. Chung and Staff for taking good care of my son's smile. Everyone has been excellent made us feel like apart of the Smile Solutions Family.
Marty T.
07:44 17 Apr 19
Dr. Chung and his staff are excellent. They always take us into the office on time or early. They explain everything throughly and completely.
Marie A.
15:28 29 Mar 19
Excellent service from the front desk to the treatment area always greeted with a smile and courtesy . My daughter and i had orthodontic treatment and had a great experience . I highly recommend Smile Solutions Orthodontics , they have the top technology in treatment not only for orthodontics but also Trudenta which treats tmj issues ,migraines ,tinnitus face, neck and jaw pain . Thank you Dr.Chung and staff for your excellent service
Marie A.
15:27 29 Mar 19
Excellent service from the front desk to the treatment area always greeted with a smile and courtesy . My daughter and i had orthodontic treatment and had a great experience . I highly recommend Smile Solutions Orthodontics , they have the top technology in treatment not only for orthodontics but also Trudenta which treats tmj issues ,migraines ,tinnitus face, neck and jaw pain . Thank you Dr.Chung and staff for your excellent service
luisa R.
15:13 29 Mar 19
love coming to Dr Chung's office , all his staff is very professional and friendly, i'm very satisfied with his treatment and highly recommend this office for your orthodontic treatment .By best experience was the Trudenta Therapy , for my TMJ.
Carlos R.
15:11 29 Mar 19
Had treatment 3 years ago with Dr. Chung and I came back just for a previous check up. Treatment was beautiful and I was very satisfy with the care provided . I'm very confident to recommend this practice to everyone who is seeking for orthodontic care. Doctor and staff are very professional and friendly. 5 stars technology. Very happy with this practice and the results!!!!
Carlos R.
15:11 29 Mar 19
Had treatment 3 years ago with Dr. Chung and I came back just for a previous check up. Treatment was beautiful and I was very satisfy with the care provided . I'm very confident to recommend this practice to everyone who is seeking for orthodontic care. Doctor and staff are very professional and friendly. 5 stars technology. Very happy with this practice and the results!!!!
Stacy W.
15:05 28 Mar 19
I love this practice! Very caring and attentive staff!
Hannah L
15:32 18 Mar 19
I've been frequenting Smile Solutions Millburn office for the past year first for adult braces, and then for a 12-week Trudenta therapy. course Dr. Chung is kind, friendly, patient, and really takes the time to details reasons for what steps are necessary for the best results. He is very knowledgable, and his office has the most up to date technologies needed for orthodontic procedures. Additionally, I've never met a more enthusiastic staff, whose passion and kindness really shows in the care that they deliver.I suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), which results in grinding teeth, clenched jaws/facial muscle tension, migraines, and headaches. I recently started Trudenta therapy with his office - which includes ultrasound therapy, trigger point manipulation, microcurrent, and cold laser therapy and lasts about an hour. The results have been life-changing. I've been having less facial muscle tension, less migraines, and better sleep ever since I've started the 12-week treatment. After my treatment, I elected to take home the TruDenta system, and can continue to do some treatments at home.I would definitely recommend Dr. Chung and his office for all necessary orthodontic procedures- whether it be adult braces or TruDenta therapy, as my quality of life has drastically improved after receiving both treatments.
aidyl R.
02:34 09 Mar 19
Excellent practiceDr Chung and staff are greatTheir service is great and quick no waiting timeI like the staff member are very niceAnd they have fun prices to win
aidyl R.
02:33 09 Mar 19
Excellent practiceDr Chung and staff are greatTheir service is great and quick no waiting timeI like the staff member are very niceAnd they have fun prices to win
Kristina C.
22:33 06 Feb 19
Super organized, super clean, super professional, and super staff!
23:05 25 Jan 19
I have been with Smile Solitions for a long time and I believe that they do a great job. I highly suggest others to go check them out someday.
cesar J.
16:08 23 Jan 19
Great service!!! great people!!!
Rahul R
06:00 23 Jan 19
Dr.Chung & his staff are very good...Latest Equipment available for the best Treatmemt.
20:47 21 Jan 19
Very professional and friendly. Great staff, and they treat you well
C J.
13:43 19 Jan 19
We just finished with our second daughter with Smile Solutions and I have nothing but positive things to say about this office. The staff is warm and friendly. Most visits are very quick, we don't wait long in the waiting room for our daughter to be seen. And the end result is the beautiful smiles on our daughter's faces. Thank you!
PandaGamer 5
21:25 14 Jan 19
Awesome orthodontist. Cool office no pain and really fast.
Gavin A.
16:09 02 Dec 18
Nothing bad to say. I was recommended by 2 of my friends. This place is great! I can’t wait for the future! 🙂
Gavin A.
16:09 02 Dec 18
Nothing bad to say. I was recommended by 2 of my friends. This place is great! I can’t wait for the future! 🙂
Eva P.
00:09 15 Nov 18
I have been pleased with kindness and professionalism that I receive from Smile Solutions Orthodontics. The staff has always treated me with respect and priority. I am grateful for their attention to detail in helping me achieve a great smile that will last lifetime. I would highly recommend Dr. Chung and his professional, courteous staff.
Heather C
05:53 25 Oct 18
I have to say the staff is Awesome!!!! One of the best medical service, I have ever received. Everyone is so kind, pleasant and warm. The office is immaculate. Great for kids and adults. Wait time...there is basically none. Time spent in the office is efficient. The service is professional with a touch of humor. I do not have negative experience to report.I'm an adult female (30 plus) with braces which is not the ideal age but more common now than before. I was very nervous about the process and extremely self conscious. I was also a little bit stubborn. I must say Dr.Chung and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I actually think I look cute in my braces. Lol.Overall they are GREAATTTT. I highly recommend their service.
Christopher T.
20:20 18 Aug 18
My fiancé started treatment with Dr. Chung months ago so her smile could be perfect for our wedding. Not only did he finish her Invisalign in time for the wedding, her smile is absolutely perfect now and she is glowing. It’s amazing the work he did and the attention to detail and care he put into improving her teeth. She is so happy with the results and the overall experience with the Smile Solutions staff made our experience one to never forget. She is over the moon about her teeth and this practice really made the entire process so easy and very accommodating. Thank you Dr. Chung for making my fiancé truly happy and the gift of alifetime of happiness for me and her because she is so happy!!
Michael H.
17:58 15 Aug 18
Since the first day I visited the office I felt a sence of trust with Dr.Chung and with the staff. Dr.Chung is so honest and he takes time to tell you what to expect with the treatment.They make the treatment be as painless as possible.The Staff is so nice there,everytime you walk in they greet you with a smile on their face.Whenever I walk in the office I feel excited to be there because of how everyone treats you there.The Staff is one of the best and in my opinion Dr.Chung is the best orthodontist there is.I highly recomend Smile Solutions.
Support Alpine A.
17:26 16 Jun 18
Great service, friendly staff
Maryann P.
15:04 30 Nov 17
Extremely professional and clean. Staff is very warm and easy to work with your schedule. All 3 of my children have been here. I will recommend Smile Solutions to anyone.
12:54 03 Aug 17
Staff is extremely friendly and helpful, always happy to help you and to see you. office is always clean. My kids love going there and so do I. I couldn't be happier.Everyone is amazing.
Grand T.
12:40 27 Jul 17
Both my children had braces done by Dr Chung, The staff is very pleasant, they always accommodate you with appointments when you need them, they explain everything to you in detail , both of my children's teeth came out to perfection !!! The orthos are very through.#1 in Union County! there is also an office in Edison and in Millburn.
gaby S.
02:32 11 May 17
It is a great orthodontist place
Charlene W.
17:30 16 Aug 16
My first experience but I must say it was the best. My son had his braces for approximately 3 years. In that process he had to have 4 teeth removed (baby teeth). Today he got his braces. Staff is very friendly & professional.. Thanks toSmile Solutions & Staff
Ji Young L.
16:55 25 Jul 16
My dentist was very professional here! She was great at answering all of my questions and concerns and of course very skillful! I would definitely recommend my friends and family to see her!