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Patient Reviews

Welcome to Smile Solutions Orthodontics! Over the past 20 years, we have helped over 12,000 patients. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in orthodontic care in a friendly, inviting environment, and providing the best possible care to our patients with affordability in mind. Below are some testimonials from actual Smile Solutions patients.

patient reviews
patient reviews
patient reviews

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Quick and fast! I’m always taken care of in a timely manner. The staff is always welcoming. They have taken the time to get know me . I’m always greeted with a smile and on a personal level. Each month they have cool guessing games or questions for great prizes. My teeth are fantastic. I’m not done yet, but I’m excited to see what my final product will be!”

– Logan L.

“Satisfied with my sons results on completing his orthodontic care at Smile Solitions in Edison. I am very thankful for the professional and caring staff from the beginning to the end! Dr Chung is extremely patient, explained all steps and eased all fears. Thank you for the wonderful experience Dr Chung and staff.”

 Jayden C.patient reviews

“My son had a situation to check his front teeth’s cross bite with Orthodentis. I visited Smile Solutions for this purpose and was pleasantly surprised to see how friendly atmosphere that I got into. They did a very detailed examination (haven’t seen so detailed so far) for my child and without taking any money and gave me very good information as to how this needs to be corrected. First time I have visited such a dental place in US that is so friendly and focus on patient more than the money.”

Madhava Varma B.patient reviews

“It’s been 2 years since we started with Smile Solitions. They were recommended to us and I can see why. The staff was great and very nice. They were always understanding and accommodating when there was ever an issue with my sons braces. With every appointment, the office always was on time and never had more than a 5 minute wait. I highly recommended Smile Solutions!!!”

-Toni H.patient reviews

“Can’t get any better than what this office has to offer. Dr. Chung is very humble, generous, kind and an excellent orthodontist. His staff are efficient, friendly and ultra attentive. We got very lucky we ended up with Smile Solutions. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Dr. Chung truly cares about his patients and the manner in which he conducts himself trickles down to those who work for/with him. Excellent service!”

-Cherrypatient reviews

“I decided to consult with Dr. Chung and his team at Smile Solutions because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews I read beforehand. Everyone was so friendly and informative, and they went to great lengths to make sure I was comfortable with whatever decisions had to be made. For example, I was told that it’s standard to extract some of your premolars before getting braces to prevent overcrowding (especially because I was an adult and my jaw had already fully developed), but Dr. Chung discussed the possibility that I wouldn’t have needed to. It was a relief for me, since I wasn’t completely comfortable getting rid of some healthy teeth for braces. I had my braces on for nearly 2 years and throughout every checkup, Dr. Chung and the team were always professional and thorough. As a side note, I lived 45 minutes away from their offices but I still decided to stick with Smile Solutions — that’s how great they are.”

-James K.patient reviews

“My fiancé started treatment with Dr. Chung months ago so her smile could be perfect for our wedding. Not only did he finish her Invisalign in time for the wedding, her smile is absolutely perfect now and she is glowing. It’s amazing the work he did and the attention to detail and care he put into improving her teeth. She is so happy with the results and the overall experience with the Smile Solutions staff made our experience one to never forget. She is over the moon about her teeth and this practice really made the entire process so easy and very accommodating. Thank you Dr. Chung for making my fiancé truly happy and the gift of alifetime of happiness for me and her because she is so happy!!”

-Chris T.patient reviews

“I have 5 children, 2 are now with braces at Dr. Chungs office. Great service, fast and proffesional..I am so happy to have such great service, great staff and especially a great Dentist. I am looking forward to have Dr. Chung help care for my other childrens dental needs.”

-Jeanette S.patient reviews

“We were referred to Dr. Chung by Dr. Matthew Horn. Our experience has been absolutely excellent at each and every appointment. The entire team is friendly, helpful, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. I have recommended this wonderful practice to friends.”

-Vanessa M.patient reviews

“Smile Solutions Edison office is where I take my son Tyler for al his Orthodontic care. The staff is simply the best I’ve ever encountered, starting with the warm greeting and smiles you receive from the front desk team all the way to Dr. Chung himself. Dr. Chung takes his time to present you with all your options, explain the entire procedure, the pros and cons, and the length of time for completion. He will answer all your concerns in a way that you truly will be at ease and feel great about your decision to proceed with Smile Solutions. Dr. Chung is also honest. I have 2 boys and when took my eldest son to him 3 years ago, he examined him and made the determination that my son didn’t need the braces. He could’ve easily told me otherwise to make some cash, but he didn’t. Tyler is still in the beginning stages of his treatment and everything has been great so far! Thank you Smile Solutions Edison!”

-Peter L.patient reviews

“When bringing a child with oral sensory issues to the orthodontist it can be a scary feeling for both the child and the parent. Well my daughter was extremely comfortable with the staff and Dr. Chung. We travel over an hour to the office because of how comfortable she is there. There is never more than a 5 minute wait. The entire staff of Smile Solutions has been a pleasure to work with.”

-Colleen R.patient reviews

“The professionalism and the care the Dr takes for his patients are above and beyond. I’m so grateful for the many times I had to bring in my son for emergencies and the staff makes it a priority to make sure he’s not in any pain or discomfort coming sometimes after hours to the Union or Millburn office to help out. This girls rock!!!!!. Thank you. Can’t wait to see my son’s smile.”

-Diovani P.patient reviews

“I do not have enough words to express exactly how i feel about my 2 years experience with Smile solutions. I had huge gaps in the teeth. it certainly affected my self esteem. yet i thought i waited too long to have it corrected so why now. As i got older, they kept widening and was nerve wrecking to wonder how much more. when my daughters had braces over a decade ago, i never saw any grown up in the office when i took them. i thought it was humiliating. Yet Dr Chung and his staff made me forget about that fear. Extremely professional team. An environment that made me feel part of the patient pool, even though i was older. Every person who worked on my teeth never for once, made me feel like i was too old, but rather, gradually took away any anxiety by being so nice and welcoming. This is the best office environment i have been. I thank Dr Chung and every one who worked on getting my teeth as nice as they look nice. it was worth the pain. you all made me feel happy coming for all of my appointments. an exceptionally amazing team. i could never imagine my teeth looking and i have my confidence back in a grand way at an older age. means a lot to me. Thank you very much.”

-Estella B.patient reviews

“Let me begin by saying that Dr. Chung and his entire staff at Smile Solutions are amazing. The staff is very professional, and knowledgeable. Excellent service everytime I visit. I am also a first time user of Invisalign and honestly they are amazing. I have noticed instant results in a matter of two months. I would highly recommend Smile Solutions as well as Invisalign. Thank you and keep up the great work!!”

 Fuquannah H.patient reviews

“Everyone is amazing and give the best customer service! I am always received with the same great energy and smiles. No disappointment here and I would definitely recommend. Came here for my Invisalign treatment and glad to say that I made the right choice with Smile Solutions. Thank you guys!”

Ramon H.patient reviews

“We are happy with our decision to go with smile solutions. Everyone at the practice is friendly, professional and helpful. Dr. Chung is great at explaining the process and assures you of what is necessary. And a big plus, the office is incredibly clean, modern and has the latest technologies.”

Madeline C.patient reviews

“Great Staff, very professional. Not long wait, usually you are in a couple of minute, friendly staff. Very flexible schedule. I am very pleased with the work done on me. In a couple of week is my son’s turn to have braces. Doctor recommended to wait until he has all adult teeth out. He is 13. My 10 year old will have to wait longer since he still have 10 baby teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Chung for all ages. Rocio Galarza Bridgewater”

Rocio G.
patient reviews

“We were recommended by our family Dentist.Right from the beginning explaining the entire process & their way of treating patient using the cutting edge technology is impressive! Dr. Chung of Smile Solutions is very friendly ,warm and knowledgeable.We are so far 3 months into treatment out of two years so I can’t comment on overall result of the braces on our son but it is progressing well.Appointment time is kept on schedule with smiling staff & no waiting. Facility is clean and lively unlike your other typical doctor’s office. Overall cost may be higher than others but it is worth spending since it is for your kids smile to look beautiful which is priceless!”

Kiran M.patient reviews

“I love Dr. Chung’s Millburn office, not only is the place beautiful, but everyone is so kind and attentive. I love my invisalign results and I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Chung and his staff.”

-Amber V.patient reviews

“The office staff, hygienists and orthodontist are all very welcoming and kind. Every appointment ends with a detailed review and future plan with the orthodontist. The wait time is only a few minutes, which upsets my daughter because she likes to play the video games in the waiting room.”

-Heather T.patient reviews

“After the journey of getting my teeth corrected, I am so happy with the results. I really recommend smile solution if your wish is getting a beautiful smile. Your wish will definitely be granted. The staff have such kind attitudes and are so helpful. I’m sure you’ll have a fun time there.”

-Susana V.patient reviews

“My daughter just got her palette expander off. I had never really heard of this process before but I feel that the staff showed me and explained it all very well. When it was 1st put in I was very nervous about have to turn it but I was shown how and allowed to take a video so I could refer back to it. My daughter and I adjusted to the process and before I knew it I didn’t even have to crank it any more. The staff are very patient and friendly to all. Thank you All. Mrs. Hector”

Kaori H.patient reviews

“From the moment we came into the office the staff was beyond friendly. They sat us down , discussed a plan and even made the financial aspect bearable. My daughter got her pallet expander put in and the same day had a dental emergency and they took her the next day first thing when the office wasn’t even open and they were having a seminar. The doctors and staff are Awesome!!! I highly recommend…….”

-Jamie H.
patient reviews

“We are so happy with the results for both sisters. For Erlinda she was particularly self-conscious about her smile. Now she gets complements about it all the time. Her sister is also happy with her results. She had a tooth that was twisted 90 degrees. Now completely straight. Thank you Smile Solutions!”

-Hannah S.
patient reviews

“Thank you so much for the free consultation and for spending so much time explaining the recommended procedures to correct my daughter’s underbite. Dr. Chung and the rest of the staff treated both my daughter and me with such kindness and care.”

-Angelita R.
patient reviews

“Had a wonderful experience my first time here! The staff is extremely interactive and thorough. The innovative technology used was mind-blowing and the evaluation process for Invisalign was very quick. Would recommend this place to everyone looking for a pleasant experience with orthodontics”

-Jordan B.
patient reviews

“Dr Chung is very patient and engaging with the kids. I have friends whose kids got treated with him and the outcome is fabulous! As a parent the best part of this clinic is minimal wait time and a very pleasant staff !”

ASHWINI A.patient reviews

“I have been a patient of Smile Solutions and Dr. Chung for a little over three years, and from the beginning to the end, I was never let down. Everyone was always very patient with me when I wasn’t on time with things and non-judgemental. You can definitely tell that everyone really cares about what they are doing. From the facility to the treatment, Smile Solutions always gave the absolute most and the absolute best. I would definitely recommend Smile Solutions, I could not have been more happy with the results, and with the experience!”

-Natalie O.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung is the best!!! He is dedicated, sincere, always trys to bring a smile to his patients and it does!!! His staff is also very kind and helpful. Most importantly We are very pleased with the results. Thanks to Dr. Chung my daughter is now smile big and happy!”

-Kathy K.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung is knowledgeable and thorough. Although his office is super efficient, he spends time with you and explains everything. His staff is top-notch. Friendly and helpful. And the office is beautiful and very kid-friendly.”

-Judy N.patient reviews

“Great, Clean, Professional, Family Style Practice. Dr. Christopher Chung is professional and takes the time to explain every step. The staff treats everyone with respect and is friendly to all age groups. Special thanks to Kathy & Angie. They will answer all your questions, work with your schedule, explain financial/insurance issues, and welcomes you in like family. Everyone seems to genuinely go out of their way to makes the entire process easy. Overall: 10+ They Just Make You Want To Smile!”

-Natasha R.patient reviews

“Simply the best. Courteous and friendly staff. Dr. Chung is very thorough and thoughtful. Great with kids! Beautiful facilities. We love it. I already have one child in braces and am very pleased. Brought my 2nd child in for a consult and am very confident she will have great care.”

-Lisa H.
patient reviews

“I absolutely love this office and would recommend you to everyone! Antonio loves to visit and be a part of this team! Sweet, professional, thorough, just amazing !!!!!! Oh and of course!!!! FRIENDLY!!!!!”

– Lisette G.
patient reviews

“I am very contented with the service that we received at Smile Solutions, my husband and I were trying to decide on an Orthodontist who would be a good candidate for our daughter Darlicia. Finally we found a team of people who were consistent with appointments, follow-ups and concerns during their services. Thank you Smile Solutions for your services.”

– Alicia A.
patient reviews

“I love how my teeth are looking. Dr. Chung is an amazing orthodontist and he makes me laugh when he sees that I am slightly nervous.
My mom loves the excellent and accommodating customer service over the years when we have had an issue with her braces. They return all calls. Even on a Sunday!”

– Angelica N.
patient reviews

“I was really pleased with the end result of my treatment. I not only enjoyed the final product, but throughout the journey I was amazed by Dr. Chung and his staff, who ensured that every one of my visits was quick and efficient but not rushed. They did a great job and I would definitely recommend Smile Solutions Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for a fantastic smile provided by a wonderful staff !!”

-Sophia O.patient reviews

“Very pretty office, big and bright, with three huge game stations and an immense machine for coffee, tea and chocolate! People were kind, warm with beautiful smiles. I chose the SureSmile technology for my braces which was pretty affordable. My parents were happy to have a choice of payment options. I also got a rewards card to gather points from my good dental habits. I can’t wait to be back!”

-Nicolas L.patient reviews

“Excellent job by doctor and the girls including the girls from desk .. there is always a simile waiting for us…. always doing a great job to make u feel happy when my son has appointment … thanks to all and thanks for the great job all doing for my son to have a better smile!!”

-Luis M.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung and his staff are Meticulous and very professional. Everyone there is very pleasant. The office is bright and cheery and very kid friendly, with gaming consoles and videos playing. Special shout out to Angelica, who always greets me with a smile and a kind word. The entire staff is great as well.”

-Louis S.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung and his staff are Meticulous and very professional. Everyone there is very pleasant. The office is bright and cheery and very kid friendly, with gaming consoles and videos playing. Special shout out to Angelica, who always greets me with a smile and a kind word. The entire staff is great as well.”

-Theodora S.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung and staff are so dedicated in providing the utmost attention to my orthodontic needs and treatments. Not only do they provide the best advance methods like Sure Smile but also truly care for my needs.
Thank you Smile Solutions”

-Miguel C.patient reviews

“This is our second child with Dr Chung and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. His work is perfect and he is a great orthodontist! His staff is wonderful and sweet. I’ll always refer friends to Dr Chung!!!”

-Mackenzie C.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung is amazing! He took on the daunting challenge to bring down my invisible teeth embedded in the gums into the rightful spot and was successful with all his hard work and persistence. I have my smile back!!! Thanks to Dr. Chung and his amazing staff!!”

Tisya S.patient reviews

“I found Dr. Chung after researching for orthodontists who specialize in lingual braces. As an adult in a professional setting I wanted to keep my braces a secret! Dr. Chung and I discussed the pros and cons and I went ahead with the lingual braces. The lingual braces were uncomfortable for a while at first but then with time and a lot of wax; it got better. About a year into treatment Dr. Chung and I discussed taking off the lingual and replacing with clear braces on the front. I was hesitant, but it was the only way to get the perfect rotation. He did this at no charge and continued my treatment for another 15 months. I took the long road but the results were worth it. He was patient with my many questions and worked closely with my dentist to discuss further bonding/veneer options. Scheduling appointments were easy with office locations in Edison or Millburn. His staff was always able to fit me in with a busy work schedule. Dr. Chung and his staff are warm, welcoming and true professionals.”

Tara R.patient reviews

“Dr Chang and his team are highly talented and very nice individuals The staff has always been polite and courteous- also Smile solutions has latest equipment and top of the line technology when it come to diagnosis and treatment Dr Chang and his staff are ‘Best in Class’ I don’t thing we even have dental place in Tri state area that can even come close to Dr Chang’s Smile solutions Hats off to the support staff- keep up the good work!!! I am really proud of this place and would recommend everyone To select this place if they need orthodontic support for their kids Thank you Smile solutions for serving the community- not only serving – but exceeding their expectations”

Khadeejah S.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung and his staff are friendly efficient knowledgeable and kind. Before my son’s ortho work began Dr. Chung explained everything in detail. Very fast service. Never too much wait time. Appointments are not overbooked. Highly recommended!”

Rishabh D.patient reviews

“Absolutely love this place! Every employee is so wonderful, helpful, and kind. They make the experience extremely fun and overall AMAZING!”

-Paola N.patient reviews

“We are so grateful I went to your office for my daughter treatment… the Dr it’s out of this world , also the amazing staff thanks for an AMAZING experience.”

-Yvanjalis R.patient reviews

“I went to Smile Solutions for a consultation on Invisalign. Everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly. Highly recommend”

-Mallory M.patient reviews

“Thank you Dr. Chung and Staff for taking good care of my son’s smile. Everyone has been excellent made us feel like apart of the Smile Solutions Family.”

-Keshia C.patient reviews

“The doctors officie is professional, clean and welcoming. I enjoyed my first visit and I would recommend this office to family and friends.”

-Genevieve S.patient reviews

“At first I was very nervous and scared to go. After my first visit I was completely relieved and was impressed by the friendliness of the staff and especially the knowledge of the doctor. I highly recommend Smile Solutions to others.”

-Neddy R.patient reviews

“From the minute you walk in with the prompt timing and quick friendly service. Extremely Clean Extremely professional high quality products and newest technology used in this office. Our children are always happy to go to the orthodontist”

-Luis C.patient reviews

“Dr. Chung and his staff are the best. They are so friendly and do a great job! They are always on time for appointments and always give you the best care.”

-Briana M.patient reviews

“I have honestly never felt so comfortable in a drs office. The dr and the staff made my son and I feel so comfortable; like family. I knew right off the bat this was who was going fix my son crooked teeth. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

-Sandra C.patient reviews

“My son absolutely loves this orthodontist. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, they even know who we are when we walk in and I appreciate that. My son just got his baby braces off and couldn’t be more excited! Thank you!!”

-Destiny G.patient reviews

“I have to say the staff is Awesome!!!! One of the best medical service, I have ever received. Everyone is so kind, pleasant and warm. The office is immaculate. Great for kids and adults. Wait time…there is basically none. Time spent in the office is efficient. The service is professional with a touch of humor. I do not have negative experience to report.
I’m an adult female (30 plus) with braces which is not the ideal age but more common now than before. I was very nervous about the process and extremely self conscious. I was also a little bit stubborn. I must say Dr.Chung and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I actually think I look cute in my braces. Lol.
Overall they are GREAATTTT. I highly recommend their service.”

-Heather C.patient reviews

“Great staff, Everyone in the office is so nice. Dr. Chung explained everything. He went over the records, what he expect, pros and con, what will be next. His staff took the time to explain the procedure, showed us videos and pictures. Very professional.”

-Kay Annpatient reviews

“Since the first day I visited the office I felt a sence of trust with Dr.Chung and with the staff. Dr.Chung is so honest and he takes time to tell you what to expect with the treatment.They make the treatment be as painless as possible.The Staff is so nice there,everytime you walk in they greet you with a smile on their face.Whenever I walk in the office I feel excited to be there because of how everyone treats you there.The Staff is one of the best and in my opinion Dr.Chung is the best orthodontist there is.I highly recomend Smile Solutions.”

-Michael H.patient reviews

“Thank you for being so nice to me thru all my process. Everyone is so nice at smile solutions. I definitely will be telling everyone how happy I am with my results. I will be telling all my friends to come and as happy as me”

-Emily R.patient reviews

“The staff is very nice and helpful and will answer any questions you may have. They are very gentle and take care of you well!”

-Jessica T.patient reviews

“Thank you so much Smile Solutions for an incredible experience. From the moment we first arrived with our daughter, the staff was extremely friendly, and everyone displayed such warm personalities. Dr. Chung allayed our fears, he was honest and very straightforward. All our options were layed out and we immediately felt very comfortable. This played a major role and over the years we felt like family. Your office was so very flexible (appreciate this!) and everyone from the technicians to the front office deserves a special thanks. From beginning to end you guys have been courteous and dynamic and we are so happy with the outcome. Now that our daughter’s braces have been removed we are gonna miss our visits. With that said, thank you so very much for all that you have done!”

-Chelsea S.patient reviews

“Employees at smile solutions work efficiently and quickly everytime I come in. Everyone is very friendly and communicative. Dr Chung has been helpful and easy to talk to about concerns and questions . Thanks to them my teeth look AMAZING. I got invisalign and everyone sees the difference.”

-Kayla H.patient reviews

“We came in for a consultation today, and were impressed by the latest imaging used to provide us with an in depth look at our son’s teeth and facial structure.

Dr. Chung provided exceptional, detailed explanations surrounding the work that needed to be done, and provided plenty of time for us to ask questions.

We are completely confident that our son will be receiving the best dental care available. Thank you!”

-Janet M.patient reviews

“Beautiful office with a great staff from the front desk to the team in the back everyone was super friendly and smileful. Dr. Chung is hands down one of the best. Highly recommended. A+ Service and a beautiful office not to mention live gaming area for the kids.”

Dr. Chung provided exceptional, detailed explanations surrounding the work that needed to be done, and provided plenty of time for us to ask questions.

We are completely confident that our son will be receiving the best dental care available. Thank you!”

-Hector M.patient reviews

“Smile Solutions had great employees! They welcome you with a smile every time. The doctors always make sure you are comforted. They conversate and engage with the patients. They always make sure the patient isn’t in pain and try to mention if something will hurt. And, Dr.Chung is a nice person! He always makes sure the gaurdian understands what’s happening to the patient’s teeth. He uses x-rays and shows the progress of the teeth. Dr.Ching also does what’s best for the patient, not faster. He takes in different aspects like having braces and not changing how your face is shaped instead of how your face may look like after removing teeth. I also love that they have tv’s and a point system. When you seem bored, you can be entertained by a movie playing on the tv’s while you are waiting or even when you’re on a patient’s chair. The point system encourages patients to win prizes by keeping their teeth healthy and not breaking any appliances. And, if you come early you can leave early too. The wait time is minimal which a great advantage and the wait time has never upset us.”

-Aarti P.patient reviews

“It’s always a pleasure going in for a check-up on my braces because not only is the office nice, the staff is very lovely. I accidentally popped a spring in my braces recently and was able to come in almost immediately later that day to have it fixed, and the woman who helped me madder sure to tighten the other springs as well so it wouldn’t happen again.”

-Erin W.patient reviews

“I’ve had the opportunity to be a patient of Smile Solutions under Dr. Chung care and I’m so happy and satisfied with the final results. Since the begining, him and all the staff have been very professional and friendly by taking care of my orthodontic procedure. I definitevely recommend the services provided by this office, so do not hesitate in stop by and ask about your dental needs.”

-Christian R.patient reviews