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Best Orthodontist in Edison, Millburn & Union, NJ

Since 2000, Over 12,000 Patients Have Entrusted Their Care to Smile Solutions Orthodontics

Are you looking for high-quality orthodontic care from a provider who’s known as the best orthodontist in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ? Choosing a new orthodontist can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you’re looking for one who is experienced, uses cutting-edge technology, offers affordable financing, and provides top-notch care. Our expert orthodontists know what it takes to provide all this and more. Our team offers the highest quality orthodontic care available with lasting results – and a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else. Below are just some of the reasons why our patients trust their smiles to Smile Solutions Orthodontics.

Virtually No Wait Times

At other orthodontic offices, you may experience long wait times as they have over-booked their orthodontic chairs in preparation for potential cancellations. If you have visited a different orthodontic office in Edison, Millburn, or Union, NJ, you may be aware of this unfortunate bottle-neck of in-and-out traffic while you wait 15 to 30 minutes past your appointment time. The major drawback from this is lost wages and lost time with an important curriculum.

At Smile Solutions Orthodontics you don’t have to worry about being seen later than your scheduled appointment time. We know your time is precious, which is why we gladly offer virtually no wait times in our orthodontics office! We make sure our schedule is carefully planned so that there isn’t overlap between orthodontic appointments. The end result is your overwhelming satisfaction with being seen on time and finishing your appointment on time!

virtually no wait times

Same-Day Appointment & Starts (For New Patients)

At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we know your time is precious and important. With work, school, and extracurricular activities, finding time in your busy schedule for orthodontic appointments can sometimes be difficult. That’s why, as a new patient, we offer you the choice to start treatment on the same day as your initial exam and consultation if that is what you want. Our goal is to work with you to provide the most time-efficient appointment and orthodontic treatment options available to fit your schedule. Not only does this save you time but it also saves you money! This is yet another way that we work to make orthodontic treatment as easy and relaxing as possible for you.

same day appointments

Family Discount

Smile Solutions Orthodontics always appreciates when patients refer us to their family members. That’s why we offer discounts to families. Our team is more than happy to treat siblings, moms, dads, even grandparents! When you have multiple family members starting braces at the same time, you can save on the cost of braces and orthodontic treatment by trusting your smiles to our experienced team! Call us today at 908-687-3221 for more information.

family discount

Flexible Payment Options

Smile Solutions Orthodontics understands that cost can be a big issue when it comes to braces and orthodontic treatment. We offer payment plans for braces starting as low as $129 per month with $0 down. We want to make treatment easy and affordable for you or your loved one once you walk through the doors of our office. That’s why our pricing is comprehensive with no hidden fees. We also offer flexible payment options so you can get the treatment you or your family members need. This includes in-house financing with 0% interest and extended payment plans with low down payments.  

We also accept most insurance plans and will work with your insurance company to maximize your benefit payment and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. We will even handle filing the paperwork for you! If you don’t have insurance, we will work with you to give you the most affordable fee for your budget.

Additionally, if you have more than one family member in treatment with us, you can take advantage of our family discount!

Call 908-687-3221 to ask about our payment options and see why people choose us when looking for the best orthodontist in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ.

flexible payment options

Extensive Experience

Since 2000, Smile Solutions Orthodontics has transformed over 12,000 smiles in northeast New Jersey. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care using the latest technology and treatment methods.

With his commitment to changing lives, Dr. Chung brings excellence and compassion to the table every day. Dr. Chung received both his undergraduate degree and his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 2000, Dr. Chung completed a three-year specialty program in orthodontics and obtained a Master of Science in oral biology from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers University).

He is one of the few elite providers using the SureSmile robotic customized technique. He has been using Suresmile for more than seven years and has also been featured on NJ channel 12.

Dr. Chung has extensive experience in performing early phase 1 treatment to younger children, which enables him to correct many bite issues without surgery. He is one of the few orthodontists who offers “hidden” braces behind the teeth for adults who seek alternatives to either braces or Invisalign®. To this day, he remains on the cutting edge of modern orthodontics offering award-winning orthodontic care and is highly recommended by local dentists.

best orthodontist in edison millburn & union nj

FREE Smile Solutions Assessment

No two smiles are alike. That’s why Smile Solutions Orthodontics offers every new patient our FREE Smile Solutions Assessment, This includes:

  • A discussion of your goals
  • Treatment options
  • A thorough exam & consultation
  • A detailed treatment plan
  • A 275 value FREE!

Click here or call 908-687-3221 to speak with one of our friendly team members.

During your free new patient appointment, our experienced team will take the time to answer all your questions about our orthodontic treatments, our multilingual office, our lifetime guarantee, and anything else you may want to know about us! We can’t wait to bring out the magic in your smile!

free new patient consultation

Award-Winning Orthodontic Care

At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, our core purpose is to ensure your comfort and happiness from the moment you walk through our doors. We are proud to announce that our efforts to provide the best orthodontic care possible has been recognized by our peers and we have received the following awards:

  • Chosen as one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists by New Jersey Magazine (as voted by professional peers) for 10 consecutive years: 2010 – 2019
  • Named one of New Jersey’s Favorite Kids’ Doctors by New Jersey Family Magazine
  • Featured on NJ Channel 12 about SureSmile Technology
  • Numerous 5-star Patient Reviews

To benefit from our award-winning orthodontic care, schedule your FREE Smile Solutions Assessment today!

award winning orthodontic care

Advanced Technology

Orthodontics has become a cutting-edge discipline, and all these innovations mean that we can offer patients like you the very best the industry has to offer. Here are just a few of the state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment options we offer at Smile Solutions Orthodontics.

3D Digital X-Rays and Impressions with iTero – The iTero digital scanner replaces two older diagnostic methods in a single step! Say goodbye to the higher radiation exposure of older x-rays, and enjoy the convenience of instantaneous images. The 3D images of the iTero scanner also replace older methods of taking teeth impressions. Thanks to iTero, your diagnostic experience is healthier, more comfortable, and more reliable!

i-CAT® 3D Imaging – The most advanced 3D digital x-ray available to dental professionals, the i-CAT FLX allows us to produce diagnostic records of our patients’ teeth, along with the supporting bones, jaws, and jaw joints. We can now see the 3D relationship of teeth with an incredible accuracy that was not possible before.

Advanced Braces – We offer advanced braces that utilize highly innovative technologies to speed up the process. These treatment options include Invisalign, Damon self-ligating braces and SureSmile technology,

Accelerated Braces Options – Accelerated options provide easy-to-use non-invasive ways to expedite treatment. AcceleDent and Propel work with both braces and Invisalign appliances, and reduce treatment time up to 50%.

TruDenta TMJ/ Headache Therapy Using a combination of cutting-edge techniques derived from sports medicine therapies, the TruDenta System targets the improper muscle forces in the head, neck, and jaw area that can cause painful conditions like chronic migraines and tension headaches. Through a computer-assisted analysis, the TruDenta System can pinpoint the cause of your pain and Dr. Chung will then prescribe a treatment plan to treat the cause of the pain and not just the symptoms, thus providing long-lasting pain relief.

Sleep Apnea TherapyWe offer sleep apnea therapy through the use of advanced, custom-fitted intraoral devices. These devices open your airway by adjusting the position of your jaws and/or tongue while you sleep. Much like a mouthguard, intraoral devices are acrylic and fit inside your mouth or around your head and chin.

Remote Dental MonitoringThis cutting-edge mobile technology enables us to track a patient’s progress remotely and in real-time through technology based on tools such as 3D modeling, smartphone apps, and tracking technology. Our team can compare your progress with your initial orthodontic treatment plan and learn of changing conditions as they occur. If an issue needs to be addressed, it will be identified sooner because of the real-time monitoring program.

Providing high-quality orthodontic care using the most advanced technology is just another reason why people choose us when looking for the best orthodontist in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ!

advanced technology

Dozens of 5-Star Reviews

One of the easiest and quickest ways to learn more about our orthodontists and practice is to simply read what our patients are saying about their experiences with us. We are thrilled to say that our orthodontists and office consistently receive 5-star reviews from our happy, satisfied patients. To see them for yourself, hop over to HealthGrades, Google, Yelp, or Facebook today! You may also click here – we can’t wait for you to join our happy Smile Solutions Orthodontics family!

5 star reviews

Lifetime Guarantee Program

At Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we stand behind our treatment for you or your children. That’s why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee Program on treatment to all our patients. This means we will do whatever it takes over the course of treatment to make sure you are satisfied.  Should you require retreatment down the road, for whatever reason, we will do what it takes to make you satisfied with your smile again without having to pay for full treatment.

As a patient of Smile Solutions Orthodontics, you’ll never need to worry about having to pay full price for retreatment – we will correct your issue until you are fully satisfied.  Any necessary diagnostic records or x-rays will be provided at no cost to you.  Additionally, the installation and removal of braces are covered by our guarantee program. Our goal is to make achieving your best smile as easy and hassle-free for you as possible! Ask for more information about our Lifetime Guarantee Program during your initial exam and complimentary consultation with our experienced team.

Schedule your FREE Smile Solutions Assessment by calling 908-687-3221 or by clicking here today!

lifetime guarantee

Continued Education

Orthodontics is always evolving and it’s important that our office stays up-to-date on the latest treatments, techniques, and technologies. We are Roth-Williams trained, which requires an additional two years of courses, learning the most advanced training to obtain proper occlusion to match the rest of the face. We also actively participate in:

  • AAO Meetings
  • Local Study Clubs
  • In-office Personal Training
  • Sleep Apnea & True Denta Courses & Marketing Courses
  • Damon & Invisalign Courses

This is just another part of our commitment to always offering the highest-quality orthodontic care!

continued education

Evening & Saturday Appointments

Smile Solutions Orthodontics understands that our patients have busy lives, often filled with sports, academics, work, and other responsibilities. We’re committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic care to our patients and want to make the treatment process as convenient for you as possible. To accommodate our patients’ busy schedules, we offer appointment hours in the evenings and on Saturdays so children don’t have to miss school and parents won’t have to miss work.

Call 908-687-3221 or click here today to schedule your FREE Smile Solutions Assessment!

evening & saturday appointments

Multilingual Orthodontic Services

The area we serve is becoming more diverse than ever and at Smile Solutions Orthodontics, we are committed to offering high-quality orthodontic care to every person in northeast New Jersey who needs it. For this reason, we are proud to offer multilingual care with staff members who speak Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. We want to make orthodontic care a seamless and comfortable process for you and your family. If you live in Edison, Millburn, or Union, NJ, and are looking for a practice with staff members who can accommodate you, schedule an appointment with us today!

multilingual orthodontic services

Retainers Included

Wrapping up your orthodontic treatment should be a happy time, but finding out you owe more money than you expected can cause even the brightest smile to dim. Part of the Smile Solutions Orthodontics philosophy is an all-inclusive approach to treatment estimates when you move from traditional treatment to Invisalign. That means you’ll know exactly how much your braces will cost – and everything that will be included – from the outset. No hidden fees, no surprise bills, and no extra charge for your retainers.

retainers included

Trusted By Local Dentists

If you are looking for an orthodontist who is trusted by local dentists and is highly recommended by them because of his extensive experience and dedication to knowledge, then you are in the right place! Our 5-star-rated orthodontists often meet new patients who have been referred to us by local dentists or other patients from Smile Solutions Orthodontics. We also treat many family members of area dentists. With this level of trust among professionals, you can rest assured you and your family are in great hands at Smile Solutions Orthodontics!

“As a general dentist, I was looking for an orthodontist who values not just esthetic aspect but also the functional part of occlusion. After talking to Dr. Chung regarding my 13-year-old son’s treatment, I was so happy to find someone who understands the importance of a child’s jaw development that can affect the overall health of a child.

During the consultation, I was blown away by his detailed explanation and in-depth knowledge regarding relationships between airway, TMJ, muscles, and teeth using 3D CT scan images and digitally scanned images of teeth. It was the most thorough and in-depth consultation and treatment planning session I ever had in my 15-year career of practicing dentistry. I highly recommend him as an orthodontic specialist.”

Dr. Sunghyuk Lee
General Dentist – Edgewater, NJ

Call 908-687-3221 or click here today to schedule your FREE Smile Solutions Assessment and see why people choose us when looking for the best orthodontist in Edison, Millburn, and Union, NJ!

trusted by local dentists

Caring For Our Community

Playing an active role in the community is great for everyone involved. Our experienced orthodontists and Smile Solutions Orthodontics team love to help our community as much as we enjoy taking care of our patients! That’s why we frequently share our time and our resources with multiple charitable causes, including:

  • Donations to local schools & First Responders
  • Dental mission trips to Peru & Mexico
  • Donations to the underprivileged through the Smiles for Life organization

These are only some of the ways we give back to our community and beyond. Do you know of a worthwhile cause that could benefit from our support? Let us know by calling 908-687-3221.

caring for our community

Medical Grade Sterilization

Our team at Smile Solutions Orthodontics strives to be the area’s most friendly and caring orthodontics team. We work closely with your general dentist and encourage routine dental care as well as good oral hygiene at home.

Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance in our practice. For this reason, we use medical-grade sterilization on our instruments, bringing a whole new level of protection to our patients. We proudly deliver the highest standard of sterilization in orthodontics!

medical grade sterilization

Roth-Williams Philosophy

While many orthodontists are trained to focus primarily on tooth alignment, graduates of the Roth-Williams Institute for Orthodontics are certified and trained to practice a more holistic approach to orthodontic treatment. Far more than the aesthetics of tooth alignment, the Roth- Williams philosophy aims to promote oral health by establishing correct occlusion and facial harmony, while avoiding extraction and the removal of teeth. Orthodontists practicing this approach have taken a specialized course to learn the information, perfect the necessary clinical skills, and transform their practice to use this philosophy. This intense course is the only one of its kind in the world, making a Roth- Williams orthodontist truly unique. 

As a graduate of the Roth-Williams Institute, Dr. Chung possesses a thorough understanding of the connection between teeth muscles and jaw joints, enabling him to provide a more personal, comprehensive, and transformative approach to orthodontics. Upon meticulous review of your records and obtaining images of your jaw joints, he will create highly-personalized dental molds using the latest cutting-edge technology. With Dr. Chung, you can look forward to a beautifully aligned smile and improved oral health!


flexible payment options

Unmatched Customer Service

We are, first and foremost, patient-centered in everything we do. Every member of our staff undergoes rigorous customer service training so that the minute you walk through our doors, you will feel exceptionally welcomed and treated like royalty. We deliver what we promise and we will genuinely go out of our way to ensure your 100% satisfaction. It is our intention to provide you with an unforgettable WOW experience, so you become a fan for life!

flexible payment options

Smile Solutions Rewards

We’re ex­cit­ed for you to par­tic­i­pate in our fun-filled re­ward pro­gram. Earn points for var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties such as con­test and sur­vey par­tic­i­pa­tion and so­cial en­gage­ment. Re­deem points for cool prizes and more.

Ready to Play?

flexible payment options

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Edison, Millburn & Union, NJ, our doctors and team at Smile Solutions Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Metuchen, Woodbridge, South Orange, Maplewood, Kenilworth & Cranford, NJ, and surrounding areas.